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Cool Neon Learn to Solder Kit (KITLEARN)
Learn to solder kit L.jpg

If this is your first time working with Cool Neon wire and are wondering where to begin, this kit is the perfect introduction. With our Cool Neon Learn to Solder Kit, you'll learn how to solder your own fabulous Cool Neon creations in no time! Everything that you'll need to get started is included:

1 Soldering Iron;
1 5-foot strand of High Bright (2.6mm) Cool Neon wire; 1 1-2 foot piece each of Angel Hair (1.2mm), Standard (2.3mm), High Bright (2.6mm), Phat (3.2mm), and Hella Phat (5.0mm) Cool Neon wire;
1 AA Handheld Driver (powers 1-18 ft);
1 TechnoStrobe Driver (powers 1-8 ft)
1 1AAA Driver (powers 1" - 3'4");
1 TechnoFlash Driver (powers 1" - 3 ft)  4 AA Batteries; 2 AAA Batteries;
6 wire-side connectors;
2 driver-side connectors;
2 Y Connectors; Heat Shrink Tubing, a Razor Blade; Solder; & Copper Foil Tape for lots of practice solder joints!

Includes instructions on how to do a solder joint.

A $62.00 value for $35.00!
All Colors are Dealer’s Choice…
Questions? We’re here to help. 510-547-5878. Call us Monday through Friday from 9 to 5.
Base Price: $35.00

Price: $35.00

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