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Cool Neon Arduino Shield (SQ09ARD)
arduino cat 09.jpg

The Cool Neon Arduino Shield lets you control up to 10 channels of Cool Neon wire with all of the possibilities of Arduino programming, for limitless effects.  It snaps into any Arduino board, providing instant Plug & Play compatibility.  Just plug in a compatible Driver of your choice (sold separately) to light up to 330 feet of Cool Neon wire at any one time, whether on one channel or across many.  The Shield has a built-in speed dial for on-the-fly control.

The Cool Neon Shield is fully described here by its designer, the indomitable Tully Gehan.

Please Note: The Shield requires an Arduino board and a Driver, both sold separately, to be part of a complete system.

Comes with 10 wire-side connectors.

Price: $75.00

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